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Company Profile

Mission Statement


GEOSPHERA Hi Tech Supplies is proud of its reputation as a technology leader in delivering industrial grade systems to civil and defence industry.

Thanks to its permanent multidisciplinary team, GEOSPHERA Hi-Tech Supplies is able to offer a variety of cutting edge products and services and to carry out projects of various sizes for a diversified customer base, both nationally and internationally. We are recognized for the rapid mobilization of our field team and for our capacity to successfully complete complex mandates from the wild to your office desk.

Whether for water monitoring purposes, for hydroelectric power plants, environment preservation or national defence, we are committed to meeting your requirements and expectations.


Who We Are


GEOSPHERA Hi Tech Supplies Srl, headquartered in Ercolano (NA, Italy), is a Limited Liability Company founded in May 2000.

GEOSPHERA Hi-Tech Supplies Srl consists of two departments:
✓ Civil Market Department.
✓ Defence Market Department.

What We Do


The Civil Market Department specializes turn-key systems for standalone and real-time acquisition and processing of meteorological and hydrometric variables and associated field services.

Consolidated expertise has been gained around the world on flow/discharge measurements of rivers and canals using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (ADV). Installation of bank/bottom mounted Acoustic Doppler sensors for real-time monitoring of level and flow has also been undertaken.

The industry department is also specialized on the installation and customization of Time Series management software of real-time and early warning hydrometeorological variables, finite element codes for geotechnical engineering, seismic sensors, telemetry systems, oceanographic equipment and Oil Spill automated detection .


The Defence Market Department focuses on Special Forces and Intelligence Community. It specializes in a broad range of mission critical systems that uniquely position the company to support the ongoing superiority of the military’s Current Force.

We hold leading market positions in Tacom and Satcom antennas, radio amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Lithium Ion primary and rechargeable batteries, hybrid power solutions, foldable solar panels, battery rechargeable/conditioning docking stations, satellite communication terminals, cables and connectors, Tactical Landing Zone Approach Systems and customized solutions.